HIV treatment

Regardless of whether you have been living with HIV for years, or have been recently diagnosed, you are not alone!  Our HIV specialist doctors are here for you. They are industry professionals, and are certified with the most updated information regarding prevention and treatment.

For those who test HIV positive in our clinic, our HIV specialist doctors can start you on antiretroviral treatment right away!

HIV treatment involves taking medicines that slow the progression of viruses in your body.  Although a cure for HIV is not available, antiretroviral medication helps reduce the amount of virus (viral load) in your blood and bodily fluids.  Having an undetectable viral load reduces the chance of transmitting HIV to others if medication is taken as prescribed.

Antiretroviral medicine is usually a combination of 3 or more drugs, but one pill with multiple drugs are also available.  Not all HIV medicines work the same for everyone, and it is normal that our HIV specialist doctors recommend your prescription based on your reaction to treatments.

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