Safe Clinic

Why should you visit Safe Clinic?

When it comes to sexual health concerns, it could be difficult to find someone to talk about this issue because this kind of problem can be very embarrassing to bring up, especially to people close to you. But here at Safe Clinic, the professional team of sexual health care is here to support you whatever your concerns could be. If anything went wrong, you can talk to us and figure out a solution together in a private and friendly atmosphere. Don’t worry about your information, because all services here are fully confidential and won’t be shared with anybody or any 3rd party company.

Not only the consultation, but you can also get your STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) treatment here as well. If you have any unusual symptoms after you had sex, you can visit Safe Clinic for a consultation with a doctor to get the necessary treatment of any STDs; Though, a visual examination or laboratory tests may be required before proceeding with the treatment.

Visiting Safe Clinic is also very convenient, just look for Times Square building in Bangkok, and either take a BTS sky train to Asoke station or MRT subway to Sukhumvit station and walk to the clinic from there (The Clinic is on the 3rd floor of Times Square building). If you’re getting here by car, Times Square building also has a parking space available. You can take your parking ticket to Safe Clinic for a stamp, and you’re free to park for four hours.

You can also contact Safe Clinic via Facebook at ( or through a line application at (@safeclinicbkk). If you wish to talk to us directly, you can call us at (+66)83-534-4555 (this number is only available during our opening hours from Midday to 9 pm)

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