Benefits of getting an HIV test

Getting an HIV test may sound intimidating for someone, especially those that never got one before. This can be of any reason, be it that they’re scared of knowing their status, having a negative mindset towards HIV, or sometimes because they’re just scared of needles. In reality, HIV is like many other diseases that affect your health, and all diseases should be treated. Getting a test is the starting point of having good health that can be applied to any disease in general, and for HIV, there’re many more benefits of getting a test such as,

1. You can get it off your chest!

Knowing the HIV status can be scary for someone, but however it turns out, that person will be relieved of knowing their status and can move on; If it turns out negative, then you should consider not putting yourself at risk again, or taking PrEP as a precaution. If it turns out positive, then you can proceed with a treatment to make sure that HIV cannot hurt you or anyone close to you. There are still many stigmas relating to HIV going on in society, but remember that how people think of you does not decide your life. If you can’t find anyone to talk to about your sexual health, you can message us at Safe Clinic 24/7, if it isn’t the middle of the night, Safe staff will be your friend. But if you feel like talking to Safe staff, you can call the clinic anytime during the opening hours (Midday – 9 pm). Contact us, and Safe staff will be there for you.

2. Your loved ones will be relieved!

 If not you, the people close to you will surely be relieved to know your status. Your test result will be proof of your good health that can facilitate the bond of trust to your loved ones. But if you want to keep it confidential, you can get a test at Safe Clinic and make sure that your result stays between you and us. Safe staff understand that not everybody has the same mindset towards HIV; this is why all services here will serve your needs. You can get all sexual health testing here, and make sure you’re safe for those that you care about

3. You can live a healthy life!

Whether your result is negative or positive, knowing your HIV status will be an important step towards good health. If it’s negative, Safe staff will advise you on how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases in the future. If it’s positive, Safe staff will assist you through the whole treatment process to make sure that HIV couldn’t hurt you.

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